Master Craftsmen - Further Training and Education

The master craftsman exam has a worldwide reputation for entrepreneurs and executive personnel in the trades-sector and in small and medium-sized technological firms. Occupational experience and technological know-how are optimally integrated in the technical professions. Artistic occupations combine manufacturing and aesthetics. Master craftsmen are entitled to study at any university.

The Chamber runs master training courses for the respective trades and organizes exams. In particular, master exams are organized on behalf of the state. Training and exams are offered in these professions.

In addition, the Chamber provides further training covering a large variety of topics including technical and practical skills, multimedia, quality management, management skills etc. Special training is available for assisting spouses in their role as co-entrepreneurs.

Further Education: HWK Academy/Faculty of Business Administration

Beyond the master craftsman level, the Chamber’s HWK Academy/Faculty of Business Administration leads with Business Economist.

The Academy is a leading supplier of E-Learning courses in the areas of Personnel Management, Business Management and Management Leadership as well as Electrical Engineering.

As a partner of GIZ,  the HWK Academy has been developing advanced professional training and human resource management for executive personnel for over 20 years. Industry and government are often joint sponsors and promoters of these programs. This unique situation allows the combination of the potential and interests of both sides towards the goals of international development and cooperation, and allows them to mutually reinforce each other.

The Academy works closely with Prof. PhD Ulrich Braukmann (University of Wuppertal, chair, Economics and Business Administration, Education and Entrepreneurship Education, as a scientific partner.

Further Training

The chamber-owned "Company for Qualification of the Small Business and Skilled Trades Sector" assists in integrating people of different educational backgrounds into the sector.

For further information please contact:

Ulrich Brand, phone via +49 211 8795-430