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The Educational Establishment for Welding (Schweisstechnische Lehranstalt -SL) in Düsseldorf is a recognised centre for training and examination in the German Association for Welding and Related Processes (Deutscher Verband für Schweissen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. - DVS).

We have been training and examining manual welders and submerged arc unit operators according to national and international guidelines since 1973.

In 1995 we added the training of European Welding Specialists to our program.

We have a modern test laboratory at our disposal for solving material problems and testing materials. The majority of norms in welding and material technology are internationally standardized.

Training and examination of welders

The training for welding is carried out in accordance with the relevant DVS-EWF guidelines, following the spirit of a european harmonisation in the training of welding personnel. These guidelines comply with the requirements of the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) and the International Institute of Welding (IIW).

In the DVS-EWF welding exam, candidates must show a wide dexterity by welding a number of test items in a variety of welding positions and workpiece dimensions, and thus meet the quality standards of international industry in a suitable manner.

When they have passed the DVS-EWF welding exam, participants also receive their exam certificates in accordance with DIN EN 287.

The following welding processes are taught at the SL Düsseldorf:

111 - Manual arc welding
114 - Innershield welding
311 - Gas welding
131 - Metal inert gas welding
135 - Metal active gas welding
136 - Welding with cored wires
141 - Tungsten inert gas welding, Laser welding with laser manual welding units ,Operator examination for submerged arc welding in accordance with DIN EN 1418

Holding of welder qualification exams
We carry out welder qualification exams for all welding processes according to valid EN or ISO norms.Examinations in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606 are valid worldwide.

Training to be a European Welding Specialist

Welding supervisors are trained according to international guidelines (EWF, IIW). With their technical basic knowledge in accordance with DIN EN 719, they can be deployed in a variety of departments in medium-sized and large companies in order to guarantee adherence to welding technical working regulations. After passing the examination, they receive three certificates:

DVS certificate - Welding Expert, German

EWF certificate - European Welding Specialist, English

IIW certificate - International Welding Specialist, English.

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