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Handwerkskammer Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf Chamber of Small Industries and Skilled Trades is a self-governing organisation under public law.

It represents more than 58,000 enterprises with more than 300,000 employees situated in the governmental district of Düsseldorf. Its task is to promote a strong and competitive small business and skilled trades sector by supporting its member enterprises in providing services such as: consultancy, training, and qualification.

The skilled trades sector provides tailor made and highly professional products and services to private customers as well as to other industries and the public sector. An increasing number of these enterprises either already has export relations with foreign clients or is seeking to co-operate in cross-border networks.

All inquiries regarding international business links with the skilled trades sector in our region will be highly welcome. We are also interested in networking with SME organisations in order to co-operate at a European level.


Tasks of the Chamber: Advocacy and Services to the Member Enterprises

Key Figures

The trades in the Craft Sector

Skilled trades: How they are being trained?

Further training and education: The Master Craftsman

Training and examination of welders 

Map of the region of Düsseldorf

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